"Diamonds are forever" - Our passion for diamonds is almost as old as this phrase.

When it comes to buying the 'perfect' diamond engagement ring, picking the most expensive diamond ring one won't guarantee its worth. Every diamond is different, just like its wearer.

Forget the glamour surrounding diamonds and look deeper - a diamond really is forever. With the right diamond engagement ring, you share your commitment to stay beside your loved one through every push, pull, jump and dive.

Are you looking for the perfect expression of your love and commitment to someone? Here is a Diamond Engagement Ring Budget Guide - for the one who is your forever.

Diamond Engagement Ring Price In Uae

No matter what your budget range is, we offer a wide selection to help you find the perfect diamond engagement ring at your ideal price point. Keep in mind that each of the 4C’s (cut, clarity, color, and carat) contribute to the overall cost of an engagement ring, which we will review later in this article. 

Here are some examples of our diamond engagement rings that you can find within your budget range. 

AED 8000 - AED 20000 ( USD 2180 - USD 5450 )

Halo Ring

Diamond Shapes From Left to Right:
Round (0.90cts), Pear Shape (0.70cts), Cushion (1.01cts), Round (1.00cts)

Halo Diamond rings are ideal for this budget as they make the smaller diamonds add shine and luster to the overall ring.  We like to keep our halo engagement rings as thin and as flat as possible so it's comfortable to wear. Another benefit of Halo Rings is that the diamonds are very secure as they are inserted inside the halo.

Recommended shapes in this setting: Round, Cushion, Emerald and Pear Shape.


Price range for 1 Carat Solitaire
15000 AED - 25000 AED (4090 USD - 6810 USD)

Solitaire Twin Band Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamond Shapes From Left to Right:
Marquise (1 cts), Oval ( 1 cts), Princess ( 1 cts)

Fancy shaped diamonds such as Princess cut, Oval cut and Marquise cut are a great option for smaller budgets because they typically cost 25% less than round diamond rings. These shapes waste less precious rough material making them less premium than round cuts. Don’t let this fool you though - fancy shaped cuts are just as desirable and usually based on preference!
Princess shape diamonds have a square silhouette and a shallow crown which offer the finest sparkle. They compliment ring settings that have a contemporary appearance.
Oval shape diamonds are versatile and flatter most finger shapes. They are an excellent choice for people who like the look of classic round diamond with a contemporary touch.
Marquise shape diamonds are exquisitely flattering due to its refined curves and elongated shape, making it a desirable option.


Modern Pear Diamond Engagement Ring

Modern Pear Diamond Engagement Ring

Engagement ring is centered with pear cut diamond set into a three-prong head and flanked to each side with pear solitaire diamonds. Discover the three stone engagement rings from the Solitaire Rings Collection at Solitaire Jewels. 





As the name suggests, a Halo setting features a circle or square of smaller diamonds surrounding the primary diamond. It is an excellent option for those who want to maximize their budgets while drawing attention to the sparkle and size of their diamond.. These halo diamond engagement rings range from 0.90 carats to 2 carats solitaire diamond ring. These stunning diamond rings will complement and enhance your outfit. 




Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Emerald Solitaire Engagement Ring

Emerald cut diamonds are especially versatile and match all settings styles —  simple settings in which a high-quality diamond can stand alone yet still make a statement. Delicate and thin shank with smaller diamonds puts the focus on the center diamond. SJ ensures clean design where minimal metal is shown above ring is with a 2.81 carat solitaire certified by GIA. The thin band sits flush next to the solitaire ring.  


Plain Solitaire Engagement Rings

Plain Solitaire Engagement Rings

Also known as 'claw setting.' This is a classic setting for engagement rings, which puts the diamond at the heart of the ring design. It aesthetically and strategically showcases the cut, color, and shape of the diamond you choose. A four prong diamond ring setting will add a geometric look and aesthetic to your ring, while a six prong diamond ring setting can make it look more floral and feminine.

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Three Stone Round Diamond Engagement Ring

Three Stone Engagement Ring

Engagement ring is centered with brilliant cut round diamonds set into a three-prong head and flanked to each side by round brilliant-cut diamond. Discover the three stone engagement rings from the Solitaire Rings Collection at Solitaire Jewels.



Classic Prong Setting Engagement Ring

 Our signature style - SJ Prong setting ring with large round side diamonds. This setting shows all diamonds, there is no gold visible on the finger when worn. The shank and rings are on the heavier side but with our soft comfort-fit. All the diamonds we sell are certified and laser-inscribed by an International lab like GIA, HRD or IGI. Center diamond in this ring is a 5.01 carat solitaire certified by GIA.



Large Heart Shape Diamond Engagement Ring 

The heart shape diamonds are a modified version of the round brilliant cut. Its most popular as a pendant and engagement ring, we also use it in bracelets or as a center piece of a necklace. Discover the heart shaped diamond engagement ring from the Solitaire Rings Collection at Solitaire Jewels. 



Final Words

A little help can go a long way, don't you think? When looking for Diamonds in Dubai, consider our tips mentioned in our Diamond Engagement Ring Budget Guide.

Every diamond engagement ring is unique, beautiful, and to be treasured forever - just like the person who will wear it. The right diamond engagement ring can transfix people with its inherent beauty and grace and be the perfect statement of your commitment to your future forever.