How Much Do Solitaire Ring Cost?

In this video, we have explained price ranges for diamonds from 1 carat, all the way to 5 carats in brilliant-cut round shape. All prices are in AED (Dirhams).

💎 Our price ranges are based on using Very Good or Excellent Cuts - we do NOT use low-quality cuts in any of our rings. We advise you to stay away from all low-quality cuts even if the price is much cheaper.

💎 Price is very important, but it has to be balanced with the right mix of diamond color, clarity, size and cut. We will talk to you and based on what you value, we offer the best combinations.

💎 Don't buy the certificate or the specifications, look at the diamond. Each diamond is different and we always tell our clients you should feel a connection to the diamond your buying.

For prices or questions, message us about the Diamond budget guide here or you can visit our diamond jewelry boutique in Dubai.

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