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SJ Solitaire Jewels is a family owned business which originally started in New York in 1976. A couture jeweler with offices in New York, Dubai  and Kuwait. We custom make unique engagement rings, bridal necklaces and fine pieces of jewelry that are one of a kind and hard to replicate. We take pride in our transparency to our clients since 40 years. Whether it is a 70 carat diamond necklace with solitaires, or a simple piece of daily jewelry - our clients trust us.

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Solitaire Jewels is one of the most reliable, cutting-edge companies that responds to its clients’ needs and achieves their best interests in each sale. We design and deliver superior jewelry and marketing services to our clients that help them succeed better, faster and more completely than their competition. We are making a positive impact on the world, by donating a percentage of our profits to carefully selected non-profit organizations.

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To develop mutually beneficial long-term relationships with our clients and provide marketing services that will help them sell more diamond jewelry. To achieve excellence in the areas of product quality, pricing and turn-around time. Our goal is our client’s success.

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INTEGRITY & TRUST: We believe in the highest standards of personal and professional ethics in all aspects of our business. CLIENT FOCUS: We believe in listening carefully and understanding the needs of each client and offering products and services that add value to each client. SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: We believe in financially supporting carefully selected non-profit organizations that are making positive changes in the world every day. POSITIVE THINKING: We believe success is the result of clear, cooperative positive thinking combined with hard work.