Looking for a classic and stylish piece of jewellery that you can wear all year round? A diamond tennis bracelet makes a fine choice. You can quickly pair it with any outfit. Be it a casual or formal event, a tennis bracelet with diamonds can definitely make you shine effortlessly. Tennis Bracelets we offer is expertly handcrafted by artisans. All diamond tennis bracelets are certified by IGI,

International Gemological Institute

Browse through our fabulous selection of diamond tennis bracelets for daily wear and occasions and find one that would best appeal to your sophisticated taste.

Daily Wear Diamond Tennis Bracelets 

Diamond Tennis Bracelets are a classic staple in any woman’s jewellery box. Here’s some insight: NOT all tennis bracelets are created equal. Aside from just diamond quality, the actual setting holding up the diamonds help add the beauty to the piece and also decides what size diamonds will fit in. 

The Approximate Price for these tennis bracelets (5 cts to 7 cts) will be in the range : AED 19000 - AED 30000 (USD 5100 - USD 8100)

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Classic Diamond Tennis Bracelets 

Tennis Bracelet
Diamond Tennis Bracelets - A must have for every women's Jewellery box. These classic tennis bracelets are stackable with double locks for safety. Flexible and comfortable setting. We have tennis bracelets in different sizes for Daily-Wear and Ocassions. 


The Approximate Price for these classic tennis bracelets (8 cts to 11 cts) will be in the range : AED 32000 - AED 70000 (USD 8700 - USD 19000)

Daily Wear Diamond Tennis Bracelets 

Feel extra posh and luxurious every day with these 18k 2, 3 and 4 carats tennis bracelets with diamonds. It's an exquisite piece that you will find so easy to mix and match even with a simple blouse and pair of denim jeans. You can also conveniently pair it with a formal outfit like a business suit and dress pants.


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Solitaire Diamond Tennis Bracelets 

Big Tennis Bracelet

Solitaire Tennis Diamond Bracelets are absolutely stunning with the total diamond weight range from 13 cts to 21 cts. Brilliant cut round shaped diamonds form a single row with the 18K white gold links to make these bracelets stand out. 

The Approximate Price for these solitaire tennis bracelets (13 cts to 21 cts) will be in the range : AED 80500 - AED 190000 (USD 21900 - USD 51730)


All our tennis bracelets are certified by INTERNATIONAL GEMOLOGICAL INSTITUTE,  largest laboratory for certification of diamonds and fine jewelry.IGI-Certified


Spaced Diamond Tennis Bracelets

Spaced Diamond Tennis Bracelets

Diamond Tennis Bracelets - A classic design that shows the round brilliant diamonds excellently. Stunning on its own, these are also perfect for layering with other tennis bracelets. The classic tennis bracelet with a little spacing in between with a super soft feeling. 

The Approximate Price for these spaced diamond tennis bracelets (6 cts to 10 cts) will be in the range : AED 20700 - AED 61000 (USD 5640 - USD 16600)

Mix-Shape Diamond Tennis Bracelets

Mix Shape Diamond Tennis Bracelets

Jazz up your collection of jewellery with a mixed shaped diamond tennis bracelet. Each bracelet comes with a unique design that would perfectly complement your style. Wear them on special events and make a lasting impression.

The Approximate Price for these spaced diamond tennis bracelets (4.90 cts to 6 cts) will be in the range : AED 22500 - AED 35000 (USD 6130 - USD 9530)


Fancy Diamond Tennis Bracelets

Fancy Diamond Tennis Bracelets

Wow the crowd with a spectacular fancy diamond bracelet on your wrist. Each bracelet comes with fancy shape diamonds mounted in 18k gold. They're perfect for special celebrations but also make an exquisite piece of jewellery to wear every day.

The Approximate Price for these spaced diamond tennis bracelets (4.80 cts to 8 cts) will be in the range : AED 17000 - AED 33000 (USD 4630 - USD 8990)

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1) Why do they call it a tennis bracelet?

The diamond tennis bracelet got its name from the famed professional tennis athlete, Chris Evert. During her US Open match, her diamond bracelet's clasp snapped, causing it to fall off from her wrist. She had to ask the court officials to stop the match until they could find the broken diamond bracelet. Since that day, tennis bracelets equipped with secured clasp became a huge hit among diamond jewellery aficionados. They have become a staple in many women's wardrobes. 

2) What can I do with an old tennis bracelet?

Tired of your diamond tennis bracelet? Did it get snagged or broken? Fortunately, you can repurpose them. For starters, you can have the stones mounted on a channel set diamond ring. Alternatively, you can use your diamonds to create an initial pendant, add them to your watch, or have the stones added to a pair of earrings. There are plenty of options you can choose from! 

3) How do I choose a diamond tennis bracelet?

When it comes to choosing a tennis bracelet with diamonds, you will need to pay close attention to the quality of the clasp. It should be able to secure the bracelet in place and manage to look discreet so it looks like you have an endless loop of diamonds on your wrist. 

4) How many carats should a tennis bracelet be?

It all boils down to your preference. After all, one can never have enough diamonds. As long as you're happy and comfortable, you can choose to wear as many diamonds as you'd like on your tennis bracelet.