The term “Cut” has two references.

  • Diamond Shape   and  Diamond Quality

Determined by its proportions, symmetry, and polish.  In diamonds cutting and proportioning have the greatest influence on the stone’s brilliance and fire.

Furthermore, diamonds similar in weight, color, and clarity differ in appearance and value.

Diamond Cut - Determine Diamond Quality


There are three factors that determine a diamond’s cut quality:

Proportions: the relative sizes and angles of the diamond’s parts and facets
Symmetry: the precision of the cut design, especially the facets
Polish: the smoothness and luster of the diamond’s surface

There are many types of cutting styles: brilliant cut, step cut and mixed cut. 

Brilliant cut uses may facets it must be usually triangular and kite-shaped arranged to get maximum brilliance.  These diamond cuts has no sharp edges or corners, and no other edges which can be susceptible to break or chip. The shape of a brilliant cut diamond ring is that of a cone with brilliant lights bouncing around inside the top of the diamond.

Step cut users fewer facets, it must be usually trapezoid or rectangular shaped arranged in a linear pattern. The precision of the cutting affects the beauty and value of stone. The best way to check the symmetry of diamond is to look at the table edges. The lines will be straight, regular and parallel to each other. It should form a regular octagon, with the edges meeting in sharp points.

Mixed cut is a combination of brilliant and step cut.