Bridal Necklace Styles for your Wedding Day

Considering to buy bridal jewellery and checking out the bridal necklace styles? We present here the two diamond necklace styles for you, take a look:

Choker Necklace

Bridal diamond choker

 Sometimes we make something unique and it’s all about the shape. This necklace took us six months to manufacture until we were satisfied with the shape and overall look.

bridal diamond choker

Round diamonds, pear diamonds and marquise diamonds are put together in this hand-crafted choker. Hard chokers look beautiful on some people but just don't work on others. Make sure you try it on your neck before you buy! The choker diamond necklace will snug fit around the neck, usually 16″ in length. The close-fitting of the hard choker enable to sit around the neck easily and accentuates the look.







Riviera Necklace

Bridal necklace riviera style

All solitaires with pears, marquise and round shaped diamonds. Set in our favorite layered style to give a 3D-look. This classic bridal necklace sits comfortably on the neck without turning or flipping.

bridal diamond necklace style

Bridal diamond jewellery set, especially the bridal necklace is the main aspect of your dream look. Bridal chokers come in magnificent designs and instantly adds a bridal style.

For More Designs, Click Our Bridal Jewellery Set Page or Visit Our Diamond Jewellery Boutique in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 

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