Daily Jewellery
Explore the Solitaire diamond necklaces, diamond chokers, rings, pendants etc in 18k gold for everyday wear. We provide timeless designs and craftsmanship.


                            Diamond Choker

Dangling Diamond Choker

Daily-wear Choker like heart, pear, marquise diamond solitaires stacked with a classic circle diamond necklace - simple daily wear is what we love to offer!



Diamond Bracelet

Beautiful diamond bracelets can be stacked in different colors for daily wear.


Diamond Pendant

Diamond Solitaire Pendants in Marquise, Pear and Heart Shaped Diamonds

These enchanting diamond solitaire pendants in marquise, pear and heart shaped diamonds are set in classic 18k gold metal with prong setting. 


Diamond Earrings

Diamond Earrings Daily Jewellery

Simple yet striking. These 18kt Detachable drops are embellished with emerald stones in pear shape design. Perfect to elevate an everyday look.