Explore About Fancy Shaped Diamond Studs

Solitaire Layered Fancy-shaped diamond earrings are ‘handmade’ with love, precision and care.

Fancy Shaped Diamond Earrings

The Design

Pear and Marquise diamonds starting from 0.15 CTS up to 0.70 CTS. The diamonds are laid at different angles and levels to give a three-dimensional design.

The Process

Color matching and size matching for diamonds, followed by a hand-making to ensure perfect symmetry based on diamond shapes.

Fancy shaped diamonds include two types of diamond cuts: Brilliant cut and Step cut.

Marquise, Oval, Radiant, Cushion, Pear Diamonds are known as Brilliant Cut Fancy Shaped Diamonds. Brilliant Cut Diamonds have maximum brilliance (Ability to reflect white light). This is the element that makes a diamond sparkle and looks extremely magnificent.

Discover More About Diamonds

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