With a broad database of certified Diamonds, you're bound to discover the Diamond that is ideal for you. We have a tremendous collection of Jewelry designs that are custom fitted to your taste. Diamonds come in various shapes and sizes, and each shape is unique and has different characteristics.

These are the most popular diamond shapes and their characteristics below:

Round Diamonds

The classic round cut is the most popular shape out of all and has great lustre and fire. We always tell our clients, if you like something classic - go for the round. Round diamonds enables the most light to be reflected back up through the top. Round brilliant-cut diamond has fifty-eight facets.

Princess Diamonds

The stylish princess cut is famous for its stunning brilliance and the most popular fancy shaped diamonds. The brightness is magnificent so it is best for engagement rings. It’s ideal for bezel and channel settings or any setting in which you can make the stone to be flush with mounting.

Emerald Diamonds

With its large table surface, the Emerald Cut Diamond has reflections through its long, straight lines. Emerald Cuts are notable in square and rectangle. An elegant emerald cut discloses the transparent beauty of the diamond. Emerald is a step-cut diamond which has great depth and lustre.

Pear Diamonds

The unique pear cut is the blend of the classic round and marquise diamond. The flattering shape compliments fingers and features a sparkling look. Pear-cut diamonds are as rare as they are stunning. As a brilliant-cut, the pear-cut sparkles as exquisitely as round and princess diamonds, but are rare to find.

Marquise Diamonds

The rarest marquise cut highlights pointed closures with a bended center for a striking look. The marquise has the largest surface area compared to other diamond shapes. Unique and stylish, the slender Marquise cut will definitely make you stand out in a crowd.

Oval Diamonds

The remarkable oval cut has an exemplary appearance with a modern twist. It’s now a trendy choice for engagement rings. It has an unbelievable brightness, in addition has the benefit of complementing slender effect to fingers. The most outstanding oval diamonds is the 184 carat Victoria in 1887. The oval shaped diamond was modernized in the 1960′s.

Radiant Diamonds

The vibrant and lovely radiant cut combines the outline of an emerald cut diamond with an incredible sparkle of a round brilliant cut diamond. The radiant diamond is the first rectangular reduce to have an entire brilliant-cut aspect pattern, creating a shiny and lively square diamond.

Asscher Diamonds

The modern asscher cut diamond has an octagon shape with cut corners. They are sleek and its unique shape ideally complements vintage style and has great shine and lustre. Asscher Diamonds are popular among celebrities. It’s a square cut magnified corners and it reveals intense fire.

Cushion Diamonds

Cushion cut diamond comes in a square and rectangular shape, with rounded corners and slightly curved edges. Cushion diamond cuts are shrinking the culet, enlarging the table, and improving reduce angles for multiplied brilliance led to a resurgence in popularity. Our customers are attracted to the antique experience blended with a modern cushion cut.

Heart Diamonds

The romantic heart shape diamond is the symbol of love and radiates brilliance with the smooth shining curves. The proportions of a heart shaped diamond differs from one stone to another. Heart shaped diamonds are popular in solitaire pendants and rings. When choosing a heart diamond, symmetry is a very important, because it is necessary that the two halves of the heart are identical.