Wish to indulge yourself in shopping for some unique jewellery for a loved one? Explore the shape gold diamond jewellery collection from Solitaire Jewels.

While there is the intricately designed pear shape diamond ring that is just the right gift to set the tone for a beautiful anniversary evening, the black triangle shape diamond pendant is any woman's must-have choice! And that's not all - there's much more to the collection.

Shop from this exciting range for beautiful bracelets - explore the well-crafted infinity heartbeat diamond bracelet or lightning bracelet that stands out! Find rings in shapes that will add on to your glamorous personality - simple round shape to pear drop diamond rings.

Earrings? Well, there are some masterpieces that you could consider - rope marquise, jigsaw shape or rectangle shape diamond earrings to name a few.

Look no further. Let yourself loose and get the woman in you pampered for choice!



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