SJ SOLITAIRE JEWELS is a couture jeweler with offices in New York, Dubai. We custom make unique engagement rings, bridal necklaces and fine pieces of jewelry that are one of a kind and hard to replicate.  We take pride in our transparency to our clients since 40 years.  Whether it is a 70 carat diamond necklace with solitaires, or a single stone engagement ring – our clients trust us.

Bridal Jewelry




We offer certified diamonds, solitaires and bridal jewellery with high quality finishing.

Engagement Rings



We believe Engagement Rings should be about highlighting the center diamond in the best way possible. We like to keep it simple and let the diamond be the focus of the ring. The style you choose will be determined primarily by your personal taste.


Daily Jewelry




Explore our dainty and minimal jewelry, perfect for everyday wear. Find our diamond jewelry here - Chokers, Necklaces, Pendants, Anklets etc

Diamond Bracelets




We have an excellent choice of Tennis Bracelets, the classic round style (best seller),then the pear-shape, marquise-shape and the princess-cut diamonds etc.

Wedding Bands




Our elegant and inspiring wedding rings for women will capture that most special day. Solitaire Jewels large selection of wedding rings for women includes classic designs, modern styles and certified diamonds.