Bridal Necklace Image


 RivieraBridal Necklace:The classic Riviera bridal necklace is finished with pear and marquise solitaire diamonds, this necklace sits comfortably on the neck without turning or flipping. Discover the Riviera Necklace from the Bridal Jewelry Collection at Solitaire Jewels.

Bridal Drop Necklace
Drop - Bridal Necklace:The Drop diamond jewelry set features classic style for a timeless bridal look. The necklace has a pendant style at the end of the drop detail of the necklace which possess round, pear and marquise diamond drops. 
Bridal Choker Necklace
Choker - Bridal Necklace:The choker diamond necklace will snug fit around the neck, usually 16″ in length. The close-fitting of the hard choker enable to sit around the neck easily and accentuates the look.
V Shape Statement Necklace

V-Shaped Statement Necklace:The Statement Diamond Necklace design showcases the brilliance of round, pear and marquise diamonds that fits hard in the neckline. The necklace features an array of solitaire diamonds in different sizes and cuts, including round, marquise and pear shaped diamonds.